How much hair do I need?

14"-16"' 2 Bundles, 18"-20 3 Bundles, 22'-30" 4 Bundles, 32"+ 5 Bundles

Can our extensions be dyed?

Yes, this hair is 100% authenticc virgin hair.

How long does this hair last?

With proper care, 2+ years

Does this hair shed?

.Any hair that has been stitched on a weft will experience minimum shedding, and that is normal. 
Lack of moisture, over processing, and heat damage will cause the hair to shed.  

Do you do refunds and exchanges?

NO REFUNDS. Exchanges ONLY. Seal cannot be broken and hair must be in the natural state it was sent it.

How long does it take for me to receive my hair?

3-5 business days

Do you offer overnight shipping?

Yes, please email us to ensure the lengths you desire are in stock.​

Is there a location I can "pick up" my order?

Yes. Please order online and select "pick up" option 

How do I properly care for the hair?

Shampoo at least twice a week. We recommend using shampoos 
with a PH no greater than 7. Meaning no shampoos for natural hair such

as Shea Moisture, Cream of Nature, Olive Oil, etc.

Please make sure all tangles are removed in the extensions

Rinse hair with lukewarm water when shampoo is applied,

Apply Conditioner.

Use a wide tooth comb or vent brush to comb conditioner through fully. 
Rinse. Air dry or preferred drying method.

Herbal Essence (any color bottle) both shampoo & conditioner 
Paul Mitchell Tea Tree (both shampoo and conditioner)
Bed Head

Suave (gold bottle)


When co-washing, use a cleansing conditioner to wash the hair. Rinse hair with cool water. 
This method will keep your curls defined and moisturized.



Mielle Product line

Use wide tooth comb and comb from the end to weft. 

Gently scrunch for curl reformation. Let Air dry. 
For later care, dampen hair with spray bottle

Apply Mielee Pomergrante and Honey Leave in conditioner

Use wide tooth comb and comb from the end to roots. 
Gently scrunch for curl reformation. Let Air dry.


Satin bonnet is recommended. Purchase our bonnets today! 

Color TIP: If you are not familiar with properly dying extensions please consult a professional. 
We would hate for you to ruin your tresses by over-processing with bleach and dye.

If I straighten my extensions will it convert back to its original pattern?

YES! However, It will convert to a loosened pattern after so much heat has been applied.

Excessive heat will result in trained straight hair.

Will CHC blend with my natural hair?

These extensions are fit to blend with any hair texture. If you feel your hair is too short or won't blend, 
you can always try one of our closures.

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