Hair is something I've always loved to do, I never considered it as a hard task for me. I'm a visual learner and very hands on. I could remake any style I see effortlessly. I started out just braiding my younger cousins hair and it went from there. Hair is my passion, even when I wasn't getting paid, I would still put my all in every style that I did. Growing up, I was surrounded by so many ladies due to me always being at the salon with my aunt. I learned so much, but I never intended on making my hobby a full time job. Ive always been infatuated with extensions. I started wearing them at the age of 12 in certain kid-like styles, and from there, I never let extensions go. One Christmas, I received a sewing machine and a 3-foot Bratz Doll, long story short, I made one horizontal braid sewed on my first track with pink thread a straight, skinny needle. From there I just knew I was ready to do someone's sew-in. I was about fifteen years old when I decided to give sew-ins a try on actual people. I would watch YouTube, and honestly just figure some things out without help. I've always been independent. Not realizing how special my gift was, not many people can push themselves to put themselves in certain positions. When I want something I go for it. Fall 2012, I went off to Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where I graduated May 2017. After graduating high school, I didn't want to do hair anymore, I wanted to party.


 I was only 17 years old, my mindset wasn't mature. A couple months in college, my mom told me how I need to start doing hair for money, and that advice I did take. I started out charging 55$ for a Natural Sew-in, thinking I'll soon need to get a actual job because I thought no one was going to come to me and take me serious. But I took a step out on faith and used the gift that God blessed me with to keep myself funded. I start to call myself "Curriosity Kstylez" as I became social media savvy. Curriosity came from my last name which is "Currie".


Curriosity's Hair Collection was established in February 2016. It was created to provide ladies with quality, and affordable hair. I wanted ladies to feel confident without worrying about their hair looking up to part. Before I decided to sell hair, I would work with poor quality bundles where it would tangle on clients neck, shed tremendously, resist bleach, to the point you could tell that the hair was not 100% virgin hair. I refused to have that problem. I believe in providing people with the best. If you're not going to do it right then don't do it. After deciding to pursue cosmetology school after completing college, I pushed myself to go ahead and get it done. Fall 2016, I enrolled in Hair school, and completed prior to graduating college, being able to become a Licensed Hairstylist at age 21, while still pursuing a be bachelor's degree makes it worth it. It took dedication and drive. I've never had a real job, but I allowed my drive and faith take me where no job could.

For ladies who are hesitant about starting a business, know that all you have to do is take that first step, and believe in yourself. Put in the work & keep God first. My mom saw something in me that I didn't. Here I am, 5 years later with a business, cosmetology license & a college degree!